7 Plumbing Tools Every Do-it-Yourselfer Should Have in Their Tool Box

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Do-It-Yourselfers can often repair basic problems quickly when they have the correct tools. If you want to repair a plumbing related problem, here are seven essential tools you ought to have in your plumbing tool box.

1. A closet auger is the best tool for toilet blockages which a plunger are unable to handle. It is a relatively inexpensive tool that may reach even deep toilet clogs. Having a closet auger, you will rarely need to call a plumber to correct a clogged toilet. There’s also sink augers that happen to be very useful tool in which excels in clearing up blockages through sinks and bathtubs.

2. A pipe wrench is a long-handled wrench for the purpose of working on threaded connections. It’s widely used on thicker pipes requiring wider-opening jaws. While using the pipe wrench, be sure that the rear sides of the wrench’s jaws make contact with the pipe. This can ensure that loosening or tightening of the pipe doesn’t damage the pipe or alter its shape

3. A basin wrench contains a long handle with jaws at the end. They are created to reach the nuts behind the basin in which the faucet connects. It is an essential tool if you are replacing a basin or a faucet or just repairing a leaking faucet.

4. A simple yet vital tool that you can keep in your toolbox would be the adjustable pipe wrench which deals stubborn pipes and having the grip you need. The adjustable pipe wrench increases pressure on the subject when you turn it, permitting you to easily remove pipes as well as other fixtures.

5. Teflon tape is a thin white tape utilized to seal pipe threads where the pipes are joined together. The tape doesn’t have adhesive however clings with pressure instead. It is easy to put on and take off and could be easily repositioned. You simply wrap a piece of tape around the threaded end of the pipe then screw on the connector.

6. A pipe cutter for PVC pipe is actually a useful tool for any kind of sprinkler repair and for some plumbing applications in your home where PVC pipe is used. It will cut pipe up to 1″ in diameter with a clean cut. It really is faster and easier to use than a hacksaw and utilizes a ratchet assembly to make cutting simpler.

7. Probably the most popular plumbing tool that a lot of people have is the plunger. Utilizing the application of force and vacuum, plungers may be used to help unclog toilets. Not only are these plungers great for clearing clogs in the toilets, but they’re also useful in unclogging bathtub drains too. They come in a number of sizes and styles so you should be aware of the type to acquire for several types of plumbing.


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