Extending the Life of Your Roof

Having a roof over your head is crucial. For this and numerous other reasons, it is essential to ensure that it stays in excellent for as long as possible so as to maintain a joyful home life and the safety of those who dwell beneath it. Simple ways to extend the life of a roof include maintenance techniques that any homeowner can use from inspections in your home to more thorough inspections on the outside. The question is, where do you look, and what should be carried out when defects are found?

Start Your Roof Inspection in the Attic

Start by examining the underside of your roof in the attic. Turn off the light and note if you’re able to see sun shining through. Pinholes are difficult to see, but they could cause huge problems. Another important thing to look out for when you are in your attic is for any indication of damage from insects or animal activity. You will possibly not know that mice, raccoons and squirrels have found their way to your attic for shelter and warmth. Of course, you can always find insects everywhere and may trigger as much damage in time. Try to find droppings, spots where wood is chewed, burrow holes or other kind of holes.

Next, Inspect your Roof from The Outside!

Get on the roof and check for holes or protruding nails. Look for curled, missing, or loose shingles. Lots of loose granules from an asphalt shingled roof can indicate deterioration. Especially examine the flashing in the areas around chimneys, sky lights, vents, etc. Cracks over these areas can let in water. Repair cracks right away. Check out the valleys between roof peaks in which the flashing is a source for possible trouble.

Act on Maintenance Repair Recommendations

Retaining an expert to accomplish a roof inspection is half the battle. Completing the advised fixes is the other half. That old adage “Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.” Works as a note that you must make the recommended fixes specified in the roof inspection report for the report to be of any value.

Conduct Preventive Maintenance

A professional will give you a maintenance service program built to prolong the life of the roof and make sure the house owner doesn’t create needless costs regarding repair bills. Preventative maintenance could double the amount of life of the roof system, deferring expenses. It can help stop the frequency and severity of leaks, trapped moisture, and growth of mold, that may threaten people and make unhealthy or unsafe home condition

Maintaining a roof is pretty simple whenever property owners care enough to have a look once in a while. Simple inspections from the inside and out can make a difference in extending the life of a roof.


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