16 Things You Never Knew You Could Put in the Washing Machine

When you think of doing laundry, do you think of an annoying headache of a task that will never end? Well you don’t need to worry anymore since this article will you the list of things you can put inside your washing machine.

Place each stuffed animal in its own mesh laundry bag and set your machine to wash and rinse. Use cold water (warm or hot water could melt the toy’s glue) and half the regular amount of detergent, advises Housewife How-Tos. Run the animals through a second rinse cycle to remove all the soap, and allow them to air dry. Fluff fur as needed. You can also use cornstarch to get stuffed animals clean.

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Mop heads

Check the label on your removable mop head to see if it can go in the washing machine—most are made to be removable for exactly this purpose. If you’re using a Swiffer, give your wipes a simple hand wash to ready them for a second use. And don’t miss these genius ways to reuse household items.

Oven mitts

Add oven mitts and potholders to your load of dishtowels and washcloths. They aren’t just useful for touching hot surfaces, though. Check out these other four uses of oven mitts.

Baseball caps

Spray caps with stain remover (here are some homemade stain removal solutions) and let them sit for five minutes, suggests blogger MomCrieff. Run the hats on a short cycle using cold water. Reshape each hat and allow them to air dry.

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