Leather Furniture – How to Get Rid of that Horrible Skunky Smell

Dealing with smells in leather is not that difficult, even with something as nasty such as cat urine. Who wouldn’t want their furniture to be looking and smelling great? Follow the directions and your leather should come out smelling alright.

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That sofa is Killing me!

Have you ever bought a brand newleather sofa or couch, thinking how beautiful it will look in your house, and without even thinking about it, paid and got it delivered, only to find out that it is stinking your home out, with a smell that is a cross between a skunk, and a decomposing animal? Yes? well I wish someone had told me about it! After moving into his new home, my brother decided that he had always wanted a big leather sofa. So after purchasing one, and waiting a couple of days for delivery, he set it up in pride of place in his new flat. Over the next couple of days, he began to feel really ill. He felt sick, dizzy and his Asthma began to get really bad. he could not understand it. He was aware of the fact that the couch had a horrible musky smell, but in his innocence he thought it would go away after leaving the doors and windows open. But to no avail. I visited a couple of times, and commented on this horrible smell, but didn’t think anything of it, until I started to feel sick and slightly heady. It was disgusting. I always thought leather had a nice smell.

I had bought handbags and jackets new before, and they had never had such a horrible odor. By this time, my brother had started to get quite scared. he couldn’t understand why he felt so ill. So I decided to do a bit of investigating. After reading a few books and checking out a couple of sites on the Internet, I realised that, thankfully we were not alone in this.

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Creating A DIY Hanging Terrarium Is So Easy And The Result Is Fascinating

I have used my glass terrariums at home not only for Christmas but for most of the events that we annually celebrate like Thanksgiving and Halloween. But you may also want  a hanging terrarium and it’s easy to create this one.

When it comes to home decor, it is always a good idea to incorporate plants. They will bring some freshness in your home. And if you have a lack of space, don’t worry. Hanging terrariums can be the right solution for your problem. They are easy to make and will look wonderful. You can hang them anywhere you like:home, balcony or outdoor, the choice is up to you. Read on and find out how to create a DIY hanging terrarium for your home in no-time!

You will need:

  • glass terrarium
  • cactus potting mix
  • activated charcoal
  • sand
  • succulents
  • rope

Choose your glass terrarium. The shape and size depend on your preferences. If you don’t have one, a glass jar will do the trick.

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You need to put an inch of sand on the bottom. It will allow the water drainage. Sprinkle some charcoal on top. It will prevent from creating moss or mold over there. You don’t need these for sure. Layer some of the potting soil on top of that. Next step is to plant your succulents inside.

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