What You Need to Know About Chimney Caps

For those who own a home, most importantly in cold countries, you might undoubtedly have to deal with a fireplace. There are plenty of components of a fireplace; one of which are chimneys and their caps. Normally, it’s the last thing you consider on your home or while purchasing a home. Yet it may cause as much harm as good if it’s not maintained appropriately. Listed here are few points that i want to highlight.

What is a chimney cap and why do I even need one?

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Most chimneys have a brick and mortar top and a chimney cap’s first job is to protect it. Many things find their way in your fireplace and even the home with the chimney and the chimney cap acts to prevent entry. The second most important reason to possess a suitable cap is to prevent moisture damage to the chimney by continuing to keep out the water from heavy seasonal rain and melting snow on the top. In certain areas, whenever your property is encompassed by pine trees, it is essential to keep pine sap and needles out of the chimney. Pine sap is highly volatile; for this reason chopping pine for firewood is a big no-no. It can actually result in explosion or fire back draft in the home. Your chimney is a nice nesting place for animals like birds to nest. Debris and waste find their way into the chimney and cause safety and health issues.

How do I choose the right cap for my home?

There are various types of chimney caps as you also have different types of chimneys. First ones, you’ve got decorative chimney caps. They’re chimney caps that will make your house look more stylish. Next, you have single flue chimney caps. They are made of really resilient and strong materials and also, they’re the most affordable among all types. Another kind is the multi-flue chimney cap. They permit you to give protection to your chimney that has multiple flues and due to this; their price is higher compared to single flue. Finally, you have air-cooled insulated caps.

What legalities do I need to know about my chimney cap?

At some point you may have an inspection of your chimney cap. You may need to sell your property and the home inspector arrive and look at the entire chimney area for integrity and also other things. In any other case you should have a voluntary inspection if you have animals in the chimney that happen to be dead or alive; before the first fire of the year; or have fireplace performance issues, be safe, inspect.