The Importance of Sight Lines in Interior Design (They’re More Important Than You Think)

You can add life and visual appeal to your personal space. Too much clutter can be a distraction that makes it harder for you to achieve the sight lines in your interior. But how it is important anyway?


Often, when interior design fundamentals are discussed, you hear about concepts like balance and contrast. While these principles are vital to a successful design, we think there’s one other subject that doesn’t get enough credit — and that’s sight lines. They may not be the most popular topic, but we’d argue they are what ultimately helps set truly stunning designs apart from the crowd.

If you’re wondering what exactly sight lines are, keep reading. We’re going to go over what this term means, why it matters and how to use it the right way. By the end of this post, you’ll have a whole new perspective on how you view the rooms in your home.

What are sight lines?

On the surface, the concept of sight lines sounds pretty self-explanatory. Put simply, it’s a way of talking about perspective in interior design. Experts use the term to detail what can be seen from any given point in the room and to describe their efforts to create spaces that are as visually appealing as possible.

For example, think of the last time you stood in a space with a breathtaking view. It probably felt as though your eyes went immediately to the windows without stopping to take in the rest of the room first. That effect was intentional. The entire design was likely constructed to give you the ideal visual experience: a straight-on, unobstructed sight line.

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What Type of Garage Floor Covering Should You Select


Your garage floor takes more abuse than other floor in your house. You might think that since it’s cement, it will likely be able to take the abuse and keep performing well but that is often far from the truth. So that you can add more years to your floor and have it looking great for a long period, it’s a good idea to acquire a garage floor covering. You will find 3 basic floor coverings to choose from.

When a person uses their garage as a workshop generally, then he or she may choose to install garage floor tiles that can withstand quite a bit of punishment. A benefit to these tiles is that they can be placed in patterns, which can help beautify the garage and make it more appealing. Even the concrete could be improved upon with epoxy concrete paint, which will be capable to fill in any holes and provide a waterproof and shiny surface.

You may also paint your floor with a special sort of floor paint. If you decide to paint your garage floor, be sure to choose the right kind of paint for the job. The paint is a special epoxy which is designed to protect the floor from spills and general wear.

If you’re not much of do-it-yourself-er, mats would be the way to go because all you need to do is lay them out on your floor and you’re done. The mats come in a wide selection of sizes and shapes and are the most economical choice to finish and protect your floor.

A good garage floor covering can help you save money in the end as it will be protecting your concrete. It’s going to work as a safety feature in preventing people from slipping on the wet or slippery concrete. A garage floor covering may also permit you to keep the floor a lot cleaner as a covering is simpler to clean than the concrete base. If you happen to spill some gas or oil, it’s a whole lot easier to clean off a covering compared to off a concrete floor.

In case you have always desired to have your garage floor looking like a showroom floor then that’s the path to take. You’ll be able to impress your friends and relatives with your new garage floor.

In summary, you are able to beautify your own home with garage flooring. Having beautiful and eye-catching designs will truly get the attention of your buddies and other guests in your home. It can make them understand your persona with the design that you select. Make use of your creativity in choosing one because it’s fun to express yourself.


Home Decorating – Five Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating your house is always a fun dilemma and creating a special look that excites you is the objective. However, you can find five common problems people make that could turn a Design Dos into a Design Don’ts.

Mistake #1: Fear of color. Many think using a paint color, besides off white; could make the room seem smaller and be hard to match with furniture. Some individuals have the tendency to want everything to match. This could signify the living room is all tan and brown. Right now, if you are planning with a monochromatic look, then that may be okay but you must also be bold in picking colors. Do not be afraid. Try experimenting with colors and don’t only stick on plain uninteresting look.

Mistake # 2: Poor Lighting. Lighting can be the one most important part of any room. There’s nothing like a well lit room, and the type of lighting and combination are endless. Anything you do you will want the room to be well lit and inviting. Nevertheless, one of the most common errors made is inadequate lighting. In the event the lighting is bad it could actually change the appearance of the room and you’ll not get the full effect of all your hard work.

Mistake # 3: The wrong height to hang photos and mirrors. Another decorating problem some people seem to have, is not being sure how high to hang pictures and photographs or paintings and mirrors. Wall art, decorative wall mirrors and pictures ought to be hung about eye level. Keep in mind, your and yourself friends and family like to enjoy the wall decorations. Mirrors are not only made for you to check your appearance but additionally to help make a room seem to be bigger.

Mistake 4: Too many knickknacks. No doubt it is natural to display personal collections, things that you want to look at or have sentimental value. Yet, you cannot show all of them or have collections displayed in way too many places, it becomes too messy and cluttered looking. You can store the others and rotate them seasonally. It is advisable to use accessories when decorating to bring the room together, to add some bling and drama yet don’t add too many. It’s best not to have too many small items on display. Rather use fewer but larger pieces that add impact and create drama.

Mistake #5: Too much or too little furniture. Too much can make you fell claustrophobic and too little can make you feel exposed. Aim for a great balance. Should you have too much yet move a lot and can’t bear to do without it, put the excess in the garage or a back room. Otherwise, it’s time to unload it. In case you have too little, it’s the perfect time for a visit to your favorite furniture showroom.


Leather Furniture – How to Get Rid of that Horrible Skunky Smell

Dealing with smells in leather is not that difficult, even with something as nasty such as cat urine. Who wouldn’t want their furniture to be looking and smelling great? Follow the directions and your leather should come out smelling alright.

(C) Pottery Barn

That sofa is Killing me!

Have you ever bought a brand newleather sofa or couch, thinking how beautiful it will look in your house, and without even thinking about it, paid and got it delivered, only to find out that it is stinking your home out, with a smell that is a cross between a skunk, and a decomposing animal? Yes? well I wish someone had told me about it! After moving into his new home, my brother decided that he had always wanted a big leather sofa. So after purchasing one, and waiting a couple of days for delivery, he set it up in pride of place in his new flat. Over the next couple of days, he began to feel really ill. He felt sick, dizzy and his Asthma began to get really bad. he could not understand it. He was aware of the fact that the couch had a horrible musky smell, but in his innocence he thought it would go away after leaving the doors and windows open. But to no avail. I visited a couple of times, and commented on this horrible smell, but didn’t think anything of it, until I started to feel sick and slightly heady. It was disgusting. I always thought leather had a nice smell.

I had bought handbags and jackets new before, and they had never had such a horrible odor. By this time, my brother had started to get quite scared. he couldn’t understand why he felt so ill. So I decided to do a bit of investigating. After reading a few books and checking out a couple of sites on the Internet, I realised that, thankfully we were not alone in this.

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Creating A DIY Hanging Terrarium Is So Easy And The Result Is Fascinating

I have used my glass terrariums at home not only for Christmas but for most of the events that we annually celebrate like Thanksgiving and Halloween. But you may also want  a hanging terrarium and it’s easy to create this one.

When it comes to home decor, it is always a good idea to incorporate plants. They will bring some freshness in your home. And if you have a lack of space, don’t worry. Hanging terrariums can be the right solution for your problem. They are easy to make and will look wonderful. You can hang them anywhere you like:home, balcony or outdoor, the choice is up to you. Read on and find out how to create a DIY hanging terrarium for your home in no-time!

You will need:

  • glass terrarium
  • cactus potting mix
  • activated charcoal
  • sand
  • succulents
  • rope

Choose your glass terrarium. The shape and size depend on your preferences. If you don’t have one, a glass jar will do the trick.


You need to put an inch of sand on the bottom. It will allow the water drainage. Sprinkle some charcoal on top. It will prevent from creating moss or mold over there. You don’t need these for sure. Layer some of the potting soil on top of that. Next step is to plant your succulents inside.

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