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How to Repair Ceiling Water Damage

“If you notice spots, mildew, drips or bulging drywall on your ceiling, you likely have water damage. It’s important to repair this kind of damage as soon as possible to prevent a small problem or blemish in the ceiling from becoming a major issue, or to prevent something as serious as a collapsed ceiling. Many or all of the steps involved are things you can do yourself, especially if you have experience with drywall.”

Repairing ceiling water damage, whether it is the result of a broken pipe or torrential rainfall, is particularly important for the health and comfort of your home. Left unaddressed, the damage can lead to mold and a weakened structure. Regardless of whether it is made of drywall, plaster, or some other material, no ceiling can be fully protected against these vagaries of water. For this reason, it is important to know how to repair damage once it occurs. Follow these steps and restore your ceiling to a better state…


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