Advice For Starting a New Garden Pond

Once established, a pond is fairly self-managing. However, in the autumn, leaves should be removed as they can decompose and cause toxic conditions. A net spread over the surface will prevent them entering the water.  As plants grow, they will need to be split and kept to a reasonable size for the pond. Work like this, causing major disturbance, is best done in late summer, after frogs, toads and other creatures have hatched, and before hibernation starts.”

Clean and Natural Pond Care

I not only garden organically but I keep my ponds the same way. I do not use any chemicals, I let nature do its stuff (because what, I ask, is more wonderful than that?), and I am thrifty, making use of used materials wherever possible. Having a pond does not have to be a huge chore or expense.

The goal is a low-maintenance, healthy, good-looking pond with clear water and happy fish.

I highly recommend a smaller pond because it’s easy to manage, fits in small spaces, and the pump will use a minimal amount of electricity.

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