15 Healthy Dessert Recipes You’ll Love (150 Calories or Less!)

Eating healthy does not mean you need to torture yourself by skipping dessert. There are many delicious low calorie desserts to try that will give you that satisfying feeling after your evening meal without gaining that pounds. Here are some great low calorie dessert ideas so that you can indulge your sweet tooth without piling on the calories.

Want to see the number on the scale drop, but simply can’t give up sweets? We feel your pain — but there’s no need to despair. While you might have to cut back on supersized cupcakes or double-scoop cones to see real results, there are still plenty of other treats you can enjoy sans guilt. The key: Paying attention to what’s in them. Luckily, there are tons of easy hacks to help you slash calories — like substituting some of the sugar for applesauce, instead.

These healthy dessert recipes all feature delicious ingredients that pack some nutritional value, too. Even when the servings are bite-sized, the flavors are rich enough to quash your cravings for more. What follows is mouthwatering proof that you can keep your weight in check without going crazy from deprivation.

1. Skinny Chocolate Brownies (139 calories)
These chocolate brownies turn to Greek yogurt and unsweetened applesauce for gooey texture without sacrificing flavor. They look and taste just as decadent as their higher-calorie counterparts, so whip some up for your next party. Your guests will never know the difference.

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20 Delicious Detox Waters to Cleanse Your Body and Burn Fat

It is important that once in a while we have to cleanse our body because we consumed a lot of unhealthy foods. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about detoxing. Well, I have already made some refreshing water detox by adding fruits or vegetables to water.  I’m going to share  you the article below where I got my recipes for detox water.

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Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you simply want to look and feel healthier, one of the best ways to rid your body of harmful toxins is to drink water. Just 6 to 8 glasses every day will help to keep you hydrated and keep your vital organs in their best possible health.

You don’t have to drink plain water, however. In fact, there are a number of things that you can add to your water that will not only boost the taste, they will help to flush those harmful toxins out of your body.
Detox waters have become very popular and there are many different recipes that you can make.

We’ve collected 20 of the best for taste and health benefits. These waters contain ingredients like lemon which helps to flush harmful toxins from your body, mint which aids in digestion, cucumber which contains anti-inflammatory properties and ginger which is a natural pain reliever and aids in digestion.

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52 DIY Herbal Tea Recipes

Don’t let life pass you by, take a little time to relax and enjoy life with a tea. A healthy break from your busy life to sit back and relax. Making your own tea can also be a stress free activity. There are lots of available tea that you can do on your own. You can try following these simple recipes in making your herbal tea.

Making your own tea might seem a bit intimidating, but it’s easier than you think. With the 52 Herbal Tea Recipes I’m sharing below you’ll discover the ease, convenience and benefits of making your own herbal tea.

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Tea is more than a beverage, it’s an herbal remedy.

Tea is a perfectly simple way to access the health benefits of herbs. The quiet ritual of preparing and sipping a cup of tea is a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful practice.

Creating your own tea blends is easy and much less expensive than buying some of the pre-made bags at the store.

Homemade tea also makes a delightful herbal gift.

Below you’ll find a bunch of recipes you can make in your own kitchen, plus some simple solutions that make it easy.

Oh, and if you’re going to make your own tea, you might want one of these little beauties:

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