7 Types of Microwaves You Should Know About (2017 Buying Guide)

Do you want to buy a new microwave oven? That is nice, but wait a minute! Microwave ovens come in a number of sizes and builds. What kind you choose will depend on your needs as well as the amount of space available.

When microwaves first hit the scene, most people bought who bought one put it on their counter. They had existing kitchens and there weren’t the location advancements there is today.

However, it didn’t take long for kitchen designers and builders to come up with more convenient locations where they wouldn’t take up counter space. The result is that now you have many microwave location options which means there are several types of microwaves since not all can be placed in all locations. For example, to mount a microwave below a cabinet, you’re best off buying a microwave designed for being mounted beneath a cabinet.

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What I think is the best part about more convenient locations is that they are at better heights than on the counter. When on the counter, you have to bend over to choose settings. Ours, as an example, is built-into the wall above our wall oven and so it’s just below my chin which makes for a very easy level to use. Personally, I much prefer microwaves to suspended, hung, or built in above the counter.

Nevertheless, these days there are all kinds, sizes, colors and styles of microwaves. The one thing that doesn’t vary too much are the features. Sure, the number of power levels may vary as well as the number of cooking presets (popcorn, pizza, potato, etc.), but those are the key features in addition to manually setting the cooking time.

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Hospital Bag Checklist: What To Pack In Hospital Bag

The packing of the hospital bag should begin in good time; it is not possible to predict your exact needs for the immanent birth of your baby, but with a little extra time you can add items.  This article lists and explains everything you need to pack in your hospital bag to support your hospital birth.

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Chances are, you’ve spent the past several months dreaming of the day you finally get to meet baby. You’ve stocked up on baby gear, decorated the nursery and maybe even figured out how to correctly install that infant car seat. But don’t forget one of the most important third trimester to-dos: Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag—for baby, you and your partner. So where to start? You don’t want to leave out any essentials, but there’s also no reason to overdo things—which is where The Bump baby hospital bag checklist comes in handy. Read on for when to pack that hospital bag and what to put in it.


They say timing is everything—but when it comes to choosing when to pack your hospital bag, you have a little flexibility.

“If a woman has a high risk pregnancy and her OB feels she may go into labor early—for example, an expectant mom of twins—I’d recommend packing at around 35 weeks,” says Nicole Randazzo-Ahern, medical director of the newborn nursery at MassGeneral Hospital for Children. “In other cases, I’d recommend somewhere between 37 and 38 weeks. This way your basics are there should labor begin early and modifications can always be made if needed.” Of course, if you want to get a jumpstart on things, by all means start earlier—when to pack a hospital bag is up to you! But it’s a good idea not to leave it for later than 38 weeks: You want to have that hospital bag ready to go whenever baby is.

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How To Choose A Good Potty Chair

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Your child is beginning to exhibit some fascination with potty training and is at the right age. So you race to the store to get your little one a potty. If you are like me, you had no idea about the number of options you will find these days with regards to potty chairs. You’ll find little potties that sit on the floor, inserts for a regular toilet, character-based potty chairs and also models that come with sound and light effects. Which one will be suitable for your child?

Reduce your search by determining if you would like to choose a portable model that can sit on the floor, or a potty seat insert that will sit on top of your regular toilet. Using one of the inserts will make cleanup a snap given that all you should do is flush and often wipe the seat. A few kids seem to be afraid to “go” in a normal toilet at first though. Because these toilet inserts are rather inexpensive, this is usually a good start for you just to try it out. After your child gets accustomed to potty training, she’s going to start using the insert. Plus this model is very portable. You can take it along with you when you visit grandma.

Potty seats can have a safety issue attached to them. You need to provide a step stool of some kind for your child to climb up to the training seat safely. Some children love this, however some toddlers extremely dislike this part of utilizing a toilet seat; actually, they’re downright scared.

It’s in your interest if he looks at going to the toilet fun. A good idea is to choose a seat which includes some of his favorite cartoon characters on it, or is just colorful and bright. Your kids would have little difficulty relieving himself because he is visually motivated. You may also get specialty potty chairs. These are the fun potty chairs. You may get musical potties (some make music whenever a sensor detects wetness, others just have a button your kids can push to play a song), character potties and handpainted potty chairs that become beautiful rocking chairs whenever your preschooler is done potty training.

For those who have a few days or even weeks to select a potty chair, shop around. You can find some good sales on potty chairs both at your local department and discount stores as well as online. Shopping around can easily make a massive difference if you (or your child) have your heart set on a much more expensive model.

Now put that potty chair to good use and begin getting your child out of diapers.


10 Fun Backyard Play Space Ideas for Kids

You can actually make a DIY backyard project for your kids. It is important that they are happy and have many different activities to enjoy, so that they grow healthy and strong. Making this backyard project can be a good and memorable bonding for a family.

No pavement nearby for summertime scribbles? Take a tip from Mom Beth Anne of Okay, BA! and create a DIY backyard chalkboard for the kid artists in your life. Easily made with salvaged wood, some chalkboard paint and a couple of screws, this project is quick and inexpensive – and provides a renewable canvas for kid art all summer long.

Give wee nature sprites a summer home. Create a one-of-a-kind fairy garden, like this one. A kid-friendly project, this container garden craft is great for small outdoor spaces, patios and decks. A fun introduction to gardening for children, a fairy garden stimulates imaginative play and future fun finding mini treasures to attract pixies.

Mom Stephanie of Modern Parents Messy Kids shares photos of this gorgeous yarn bombing witnessed by her family during a recent excursion to Anderson Park in Redmond. Yarn bombing is an expressive art explosion taking over outdoor spaces big and small, and we support this kid-friendly, crafty and colorful trend. For your family’s backyard yarn bombing inspiration, see the rest of Stephanie’s post, or check out Demilked for a fun roundup of the knitted art statements.

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Considering and Selecting Family Hobbies

Quality time spent with our children and loved ones is invaluable in this day and age. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time together doing the same thing but at the same time everyone doing their own thing? Let’s tale a look at this article first and learn the things we need to consider first in choosing our family hobbies.

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A family in our neighborhood has adopted backpacking as their family hobby. Fortunately, we live in an area where amazing backpacking country is close by, and many weekends when the weather is good and usually a week or two in the summer will find this family on a backpacking excursion.

If you ask this family, they will tell you that some of their best family memories have been involving their backpacking trips.

They love being in nature together, sleeping under the stars, cooking out with their lightweight stoves and freeze dried meals and simply enjoying time together. They would also tell you that it is not so much which family hobby you choose as long as you have one that brings the family together and creates bonding opportunities.

Finding that perfect (or near-perfect) family hobby can be a little daunting for dads and moms, and kids for that matter. Often family members have radically different ideas of having fun, and finding activities that could be considered a family hobby by all family members can feel nearly impossible.

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What Are The Advantages of Wireless Security Cameras?

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The usage of wireless security cameras is gaining in popularity over recent years. This could be for a lot of reasons. A lot of people make use of wireless security cameras to make their home secure and to keep an eye on the house. Whatever the reason may be, wireless security cameras are fast-becoming the preferred method of security for a lot of people.

Wireless security cameras have several benefits over their wired counterparts. Quick and easy installation and the ability to put them virtually anywhere make these cameras loved by people who want video monitoring of their property. It really is truly a valuable investment for the safety and security of the family.

Now, set up is straightforward.

Wireless security camera functions by sending a video signal to a receiver through a transmitter in the camera. It is possible to connect the receiver to a computer, TV, VCR, etc. There isn’t any requirement for wires between the camera and receiver. You will be able to place the receiver anywhere from 700 feet entirely up to 10 miles from your wireless camera; again this relies on the unit and model you get. The receiver is able to permeate through objects just like: walls, glass, wood, plastic, fiberglass as well as some metals.

Just like digital camera, wireless security cameras have different features depending on the brand and model. A few include a handheld remote control. A few have motion detector and uses infrared technology which can be used in low lighting situation. Most will simply record one camera at a time when a movement is detected.

Many high-tech security cameras can be looked at from any computer all over the world. You may also view some of them from other mobile devices such as iPhones.

The quality of the images may vary from camera to camera because it is dependent upon elements just like compression ratios and images stored per second. The manufacturers of wireless security cameras use different compression standards and ratios.

They are now affordable.

Whenever looking to purchase your wireless security camera system, you’ll be thrilled to realize that the cost of this powerful technology has come down significantly, which means greater savings and peace of mind for you. In addition to the very competitive prices, you’ve got access to numerous possibilities, designs, allowing your security system to actually fit in with your surrounding decor. Furthermore, another cost advantage of this system is that you will no longer pay money for professionals for wiring and other associated services.

While we have got prowlers and thief out on the streets seeking the next home burglary victim, it’s going to be a good idea to devote on a home wireless security camera system to keep your family safe and secure.

Choosing Security Guards

It’s a huge and stressful responsibility. You may feel overwhelmed by having to weigh so many areas of employing a security guard. You may not have the expertise or tools to look into all the crucial areas. Should you be in a position to hire a company that you know you can depend on to do it for you, your life gets easier. Hiring a good security guard might be a hard task as there are a large number of security companies that offer impeccable security answers to industrial, residential and commercial properties. Many of these companies provide a team of highly trained professionals.

Decide the amount of security that you require

Choosing the right security services isn’t an easy task although there are innumerable companies in the same field of operation. An internet research may provide all the relevant details pertaining to guard services. These web sites display intensive information on the kind of services offered by the security personnel, testimonial of the business and the clientele. Nevertheless, it is important to conduct a thorough background check before employing the services of any security company.

Look into the experience and training

Before you decide to hire the services of a company, inquire about the whole process of supervision and training. Businesses should possess training for fighting with the terrorists along with other criminals. Besides this, the security guards ought to be supervised by the firm which is very important to delivering quality services.

Verify the credentials

Prior to hiring the security guys, make sure that you validate their credentials. This verification involves an in depth background check of the person that you’re about to hire. Even if it is time consuming, this verification is a necessary procedure that must be adopted.

Ask for references

Good security personnel will always be prompt when it comes to giving references. Nevertheless, you should be prompt in asking for such references prior to hiring the services of any personnel.

Interviewing is essential when hiring the appropriate individual for your security requirements. They could be either hired from a security company or directly by you. When hiring through a security consulting service there is the advantage of the company likely being bonded, background checks are already run and the guard has undergone required training. In addition, since the security guard is agency employed they can be easily replaced.

Clarify the terms of the contract

Be sure to lay out what exactly you expect of your security guard prior to deciding to agree to terms. He must know what his job entails and what he is responsible for and you need to make it clear what you’re paying him to do.

Infrared Security Cameras – Versatile and Effective

Having much needed security in your house or office is critical to numerous people. Many times you need a security system that does not stop whenever the lights go off and that is where an infrared security camera is needed. Infrared security cameras help you do more than just see in the dark. They work regardless of lighting conditions, providing you with a sharp set of eyes even just in absolutely zero light.

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When you need an effective infrared security camera then go with all the variety that offer better security in virtually every different place and which could do their job without requiring just about any lighting.

When you find yourself trying to find some infrared security cameras to install so that you can watch over your house or business, there are some features that you will have to find. These characteristics are ones that happen to be important if you are searching for high quality and wish to be able to get the best results from the equipment you use.

Bullet style cameras are created for use outdoors usually mounted on the edge of buildings and appears similar to a radar gun in design. They’re developed for long-range view just like parking lots and wide view areas. Weather-proofing makes them able to functioning in all weather conditions.

If you are looking for an indoor camera, a dome style camera can be extremely useful. These non-obtrusive varieties can be installed on the ceiling, to allow for 360 degree surveillance. This will make them ideally suited to indoor use in areas like a store. The one thing you’ll want to note when shopping for an indoor camera is the range of the camera itself. When you purchase one with a longer range than the inside of the building, it won’t be able to take good photographs.

Most infrared cameras work with the principle of thermal imaging which means that the camera can function in complete darkness and may still identify objects from the heat that such objects emit. In addition, LEDs are supplied by infrared cameras ‘ when conditions are dark. In normal light the photos taken from these cameras are clear and colored while at night the pictures obtained happen to be in black and white.

These cameras do not come cheap so just like any major purchases; look for a really good one before buying. Examine on the several manufacturers to make certain that you’ll be acquiring a good, quality camera. Once you have bought and installed one, sit back and relax with the thought that your infrared security camera does its job.

Advantages of Using Induction Stoves

All these years, people are accustomed to cooking making use of traditional means only. Typical instances will be using cooking gas, that’s piped into our homes or transferred to gas stoves from gas cylinders; or electrical coils that ultimately perform same job as cooking gas, viz. heating the vessel where we cook food.

While induction cooking was used in commercial kitchens for lots of years, for the most part in Europe, it is only today getting acceptance in home kitchens. Previously, the technological innovation was too pricey for household use, where there were concerns of cook top durability and longevity. Improvements are actually made, and home induction cook tops may be ordered in a much lesser worth compare before.

We’re positive that after looking at through this article, you will be compelled to give an additional consideration to induction stoves (if you haven’t yet considered them as a substitute for traditional method of cooking food).

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Efficient energy usage

One of several foremost benefits of induction stoves is the fact that they utilize energy really resource fully. That way minimum energy goes waste, while it’s maximally utilized towards the actual cooking procedure. Thus, it isn’t just healthy for you in the sense that it consumes less energy, it is good for the natural environment as well as it uses energy so efficiently as well as effectively.

A Safe Choice

Induction cooktops only heat magnetic pans and pots, which means you don’t have to worry that young kids will burn their palms should they contact the stovetop or that a misplaced object will catch on flames. The cooktops also provide lots of the features of gas minus the chance of leaks. It’s also regarded as environmentally safe mainly because it seldom produces any sort of fume. It cooks in a very neat and energy efficient manner.

More features

Most people prefer to start using these modern cooktops as compared to gas stoves since it is in-built with a amount of capabilities such as shut down features. The cooktop shuts down automatically when there are minor errors or when the pot is not placed on it. It also cooks the food uniformly as there are various adjusting facilities to cook milk, fry food, boil water and steam vegetables.

If you’re constructing a new home or perhaps remodeling your kitchen area, contemplate an induction stove as a modern addition to your style to increase your home’s value for reselling or to make your kitchen more pleasant to function in.

Home Security Alternatives

Though theft is a worry for lots of home and homeowners, you’ll find so many who don’t see any value in paying for professional monitoring services, which may get very expensive. The good thing is that there are a number of ways to secure a home or a property without the need to for professional home security monitoring services.

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Getting Back To Basics

In spite of each of the technological improvements in home security right now, adhering to some fundamental security principles is an efficient way to make burglars think twice about invading your premises.


In terms of protecting your home, proper lighting is very crucial. Criminals prefer to do their work under the protection of the dark night sky, meaning if the lights come up they will often times look for an easier target. Lighting is among the easiest and most affordable methods to protect your house some options include motion sensor lights, interior lights on a timer, porch lighting and even lighting behind your house.

Up lighting means lighting which enhances certain objects on your property from the ground? For instance, you could have a tree in your yard that you would like to showcase once the sun goes down. But up lighting can serve a second purpose as increased security. Trees are normally utilized for hiding, therefore an unsuspecting burglar may find themselves exposed should they make an effort to creep past a tree that’s been lit from below.

Door and Window Barriers

When thinking of better ways to manage your home security, it’s also incredibly useful to think about things like windows, that might not immediately enter into your thoughts with regards to safety. After all, for a experienced robber, entering a home through a window is just as simple as walking through the front door. Whatever the season, it really is necessary that you make sure close and lock windows, doors as well as any other entry points.


Surprisingly, fencing is a huge help to home security. Although it may not be difficult to scale, the inclusion of a fence may cause a thief to reevaluate. After all, traces of ripped clothing or even skin could be left behind on a fence for law enforcement to find. On top of that, the noise of climbing over a fence could be louder than expected, particularly at night.

Keep It Fake

If you are not able to pay for an alarm system for your home you might think about simply installing the alarm decals on the Windows and fake or dummy video security cameras around your home. Although you may not think this can do much is actually been shown to prevent burglars from entering your home for fear of setting off an alarm or caught on surveillance cameras.

While you shouldn’t count solely on low-cost alternatives when trying to secure your property, it will make a lot of sense to integrate these affordable solutions with more involved means of home monitoring.