Considering and Selecting Family Hobbies

Quality time spent with our children and loved ones is invaluable in this day and age. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time together doing the same thing but at the same time everyone doing their own thing? Let’s tale a look at this article first and learn the things we need to consider first in choosing our family hobbies.


A family in our neighborhood has adopted backpacking as their family hobby. Fortunately, we live in an area where amazing backpacking country is close by, and many weekends when the weather is good and usually a week or two in the summer will find this family on a backpacking excursion.

If you ask this family, they will tell you that some of their best family memories have been involving their backpacking trips.

They love being in nature together, sleeping under the stars, cooking out with their lightweight stoves and freeze dried meals and simply enjoying time together. They would also tell you that it is not so much which family hobby you choose as long as you have one that brings the family together and creates bonding opportunities.

Finding that perfect (or near-perfect) family hobby can be a little daunting for dads and moms, and kids for that matter. Often family members have radically different ideas of having fun, and finding activities that could be considered a family hobby by all family members can feel nearly impossible.

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