How To Choose A Good Potty Chair

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Your child is beginning to exhibit some fascination with potty training and is at the right age. So you race to the store to get your little one a potty. If you are like me, you had no idea about the number of options you will find these days with regards to potty chairs. You’ll find little potties that sit on the floor, inserts for a regular toilet, character-based potty chairs and also models that come with sound and light effects. Which one will be suitable for your child?

Reduce your search by determining if you would like to choose a portable model that can sit on the floor, or a potty seat insert that will sit on top of your regular toilet. Using one of the inserts will make cleanup a snap given that all you should do is flush and often wipe the seat. A few kids seem to be afraid to “go” in a normal toilet at first though. Because these toilet inserts are rather inexpensive, this is usually a good start for you just to try it out. After your child gets accustomed to potty training, she’s going to start using the insert. Plus this model is very portable. You can take it along with you when you visit grandma.

Potty seats can have a safety issue attached to them. You need to provide a step stool of some kind for your child to climb up to the training seat safely. Some children love this, however some toddlers extremely dislike this part of utilizing a toilet seat; actually, they’re downright scared.

It’s in your interest if he looks at going to the toilet fun. A good idea is to choose a seat which includes some of his favorite cartoon characters on it, or is just colorful and bright. Your kids would have little difficulty relieving himself because he is visually motivated. You may also get specialty potty chairs. These are the fun potty chairs. You may get musical potties (some make music whenever a sensor detects wetness, others just have a button your kids can push to play a song), character potties and handpainted potty chairs that become beautiful rocking chairs whenever your preschooler is done potty training.

For those who have a few days or even weeks to select a potty chair, shop around. You can find some good sales on potty chairs both at your local department and discount stores as well as online. Shopping around can easily make a massive difference if you (or your child) have your heart set on a much more expensive model.

Now put that potty chair to good use and begin getting your child out of diapers.


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