How to get your younger siblings to listen

Pretending to get your parents involved may help

“Having siblings can be a great experience, but siblings can also be a source of annoyance and frustration. Whether younger or older, it might sometimes seem as if siblings exist to make your life miserable! It’s possible to improve your interactions with your siblings by communicating with them and others, creating space, and compromising.”

Do you have younger siblings? Do they listen? Probably not. Here are four ways to get your siblings to listen:

OFFER A TRADE Younger siblings will fall for this easy trick. Is there something you want from them? Well, point out the bad qualities of the thing that you want. Then make up believable but amazing things that your thing (that you don’t want anymore) can do. For example, let’s say that you have a blue pen. You want the purple one that your sister has. You say that the blue pen looks prettier or more sparkly. Then you say you can see scratches on the purple pen (the one that you want). Then she will most likely want that blue pen. Ta-da! You get what you want. That is one of the best ways, and guarantees 98 percent success…

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