How to Make a Tree Topper Using an Upcycled Wire Hanger

A Christmas tree topper brings the design of your Christmas tree together to make it complete. Various types of Christmas tree toppers are available in the stores but you can also create your own tree topper using a hanger.


A handmade tree topper is a fun thing to consider when you’re decorating your Christmas tree – and maybe like us, making your own is an annual tradition you and your family have adopted. When you’re contemplating the base of your next topper, consider a simple wire hanger. With a pair of needle-nose pliers, the hanger can easily be bent into any shape, like this star, and when accessorized with a variety of beads, it becomes an eye-catching accessory in amongst the holiday decor.

Start with a stiff metal hanger. Use the pliers to round out the angles so that the “shoulders” are non-existent. Once you’ve rounded out the shape, it’s easier to have a new vision. You might like it round! You might be able to craft it into an angel with a wide dress. It would easily take on the shape of a pine tree itself, or a snowflake if you have the patience for lots of tight twists. I love a classic star, so I followed that plan and bent and pinched until I had a five-pointed star. This star measures 10” wide.

Bend the hook straight too. You may choose to coil it as a way to attach it to the tree or you may use a clip to secure it in position. At this point, consider spray painting your metal tree topper if you don’t like the patina of the original hanger.

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