How to Paint Dark Furniture Professionally

Did you ever think of painted furniture as art?  Then how about it’s  in a dark shade of color? pend your weekends painting furniture. This could probably be one of the most creative and productive jobs on lazy weekends.

There are two types of painting that always seem to be harder than the rest: black, and white. These two colors will test every trick in the book. They show every brush stroke, amplify every flaw, and a less-than-professional finish can be spotted a mile away.


This time, I decided to open the vault of painting secrets and show you how to get that perfect, professional look for all your dark furniture projects (hint: most of these work on white furniture too). So, let’s get started.

1. The great paint vs. stain debate:

Choosing paint over stain (or vice versa) is the first step to getting the look you want. Black paint vs. black stain require different techniques, different supplies, and create two different looks.

  • Paint creates a thick and heavy finish. Stain is thinner and somewhat sheer (although several coats can create an opaque look).
  • Stain is both color and polyurethane, which is more durable than acrylic paint.
  • Paint dries and cures faster than stain
  • Stain is oil-based, and must be cleaned up with paint thinner.

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