Solid Surface Countertops

Taking a look at a countertop renovation for the kitchen or bath, it’s not easy to choose what materials are best for your needs. There are many options available that it could turn out to be mind-boggling. Fortunately, there is a material that is certainly perfect for most designs and a lot budgets: solid surface.

Solid surface counters are produced from hard synthetic material, usually acrylic or polyester, and natural fillers. It is quickly molded to match any shape and size space you will need it for, and may work with a myriad of design requirements. As it comes in a variety of colors, you’ll never need to work the design of your space around the color of your counters like you might with another product. These types of countertops come in both matte and polished finishes, each of which are options that can further your design goals.

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These countertops are non-porous, causing them to be resistant against bacterial growth. To put it simply, bacteria, viruses, molds along with other microbes have no place to hide and increase, thus they don’t hang around for very long. The non-porous nature of this material also makes it simple to clean and almost impossible to stain. Cleaning isn’t hard: just a little soap and water on a rag will scrub away most messes.

Easy to Maintain

Solid surface countertop is a durable and versatile material. As a result of nature of the kitchen environment which goes a lot of daily wear out, it is really an ideal material as it avoids impacts and so has a long life-cycle. It’s also a non-toxic and extremely hygienic material, again which makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom environments. In fact the material is so easy to maintain that burns from hot pans or burnt on food to the worktops can be quickly cleaned off. Any damage to the surface caused by damage can be repaired making solid surface eco-compatible.

Wide Range

These modern surfaces are made of materials like polyester or acrylic resins which are easily heat sculpted to produce the more unique shapes and designs. Polyester is praised for ability to contain the darker colors, while acrylic is a lot more flexible that makes it simpler to create the more exceptional shapes. Also, the manufacturing process can make it possible for this material to appear like other materials, such as stone. These allow people to have a wide array of choices when it comes to looks and style.