Why Should You Use Bamboo Towels

Most of us love the feel of a big, soft, cozy cotton bath towel each time we step out of the shower. One of the best quality towels to get are made of bamboo fibers. Bamboo fabric is very soft and kind to all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Believe it or not, bamboo can be softer and smoother compared to the softest cotton-made material. Many make use of the terms cashmere and silk when describing these luxurious materials.

As their name indicates bamboo towels are made of bamboo fibers. Bamboo is fantastic not only because it is a renewable natural resource, but since it gives you strong and durable fibers to use. Being a natural resource, bamboo is a green crop that gives resilient and strong fibers to work with. Its cellular structure makes it blendable with cotton fibers and the end product is plush and luxurious towel to touch.

(C) Good Housekeeping

1. Natural Defense – Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial and anti- fungal effect. The result remains intact even if they are processed. Therefore, towels produced from bamboo assist to guard against bacterial and fungal infections. Their absorbency power is bigger than cotton towels. The more you use them, thicker it becomes.

2. Care and Maintenance – The general care and maintenance instructions for bamboo bath towels are somewhat then those for cotton towels. Bamboo towels could be machined washed, yet, you’ll want to wash then on a light cycle. Additionally you is not going to want to use bleaches or fabric softeners on your bamboo towels. If you see there are loose threads on your bamboo bath towels don’t worry, simply snip off the loose thread.

3. Bio Degradable – The biodegradable quality of bamboo towels can make it a much preferred option. It breaks down easily with over exposure to sunlight. In contrast to plastics, it breaks down naturally and doesn’t harm the Earth too. What came from nature finds its way back to the mother earth!

4. Skin Care – Skin reaction and allergic conditions of the skins are a very common condition for every person. Almost every person tries to adopt certain preventive measures to prevent these skin conditions from occurring. Research indicates that bamboo is that they are naturally hypo-allergenic and very friendly not only for the environment but also for the skin too.

Once we take a look at initial cost, maintenance cost, and durability we could see that bamboo towels are simply as economical, and perhaps a bit more economical, than a well-made cotton towel. Not to mention the environmental benefits of using them.