15 Beautiful Handmade Christmas Gifts for Your Family and Friends

Thinking of new and creative gift ideas every year is not that easy. One of the sweetest and most meaningful gifts that one can receive this Holiday season is one that is personally made by the gift giver.

Christmas is around the corner and you might be running out of ideas on the gifts to get your friends or loved ones. Of course, the secret behind a good gift is its uniqueness and appeal to the person being gifted. Now, the key is simplicity as at times complex gifts may fail to impress.

There are various ideas on how to transform inexpensive items into unique handmade Christmas gifts.

They are thrifty but very beautiful gifts that will surely catch the attention of your family and friends. We have compiled some great options for you this Christmas.

1. Pretty pin cushions

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It is easy to make. It involves sewing of squares or spheres and finalizing with making wadding. Vintage, fabric scraps and buttons can be added to make it embellish. Teacups and vintage cake molds make it look very pretty.

2. Bath salts

Dried lavender or rose petals are added to sea salt. Put the mixture in a pretty jar decorating it with lace or hessian. It gives a relaxing bath with a smell of divinity. Really, Christmas gifts cannot be cuter than this. Here is a quick how-to guide.

3. Knitted mug cozy

Knitted and crocheted details can be added to a mug. The cozy mug warmers make some lovely gifts. Read here how to knit a mug.

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