25+ Creative Craft Ideas For Adults

When life gets boring, look for something fun to get busy with. And for me, creating crafts takes my boredom away! Looking for craft ideas for adults, then here’s a list for you!

There’s something about creating things with your own two hands that makes life fun and rewarding. Just the satisfaction of making something that didn’t exist before is good enough for me! I especially love a good project that doesn’t require any skill, and uses recycled materials or things that I happen to already have laying around the house.

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If you’re a craft lover like myself, you are going to love this round up of unique projects! You will find everything from DIY home decor to creative gift ideas for the holidays.

1. Paint Sample Calendar

This colorful calendar was made using paint swatches and a frame that doubles as a dry erase board. You can use it for every month of the year! A 16×20 frame will fit your paint samples nicely (with a little extra room on each side as this frame is a bit smaller). Go check out all of the details for this craft over at Chicisms!

2. Repurposed Coffee Beans

This is not only practical, it also doubles as an air freshener! Fill up a small vase or glass jar with things like coffee beans, dried beans, marbles, popcorn kernels, rice, or mini crystals, and use it to store all of your makeup brushes. This is also a fantastic idea for table centerpieces. Simply throw a tea light or battery operated candle in there. 🙂

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50 Mason Jar DIY Projects We Love

I am a big fan of DIY home design projects, and I have compiled a few of my favorites for this year.  Today I would like to share with you this simple DIY projects that you can add in your home decors or make it as a souvenir.

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Repurpose your mason jars with one of these 50 DIY projects. From functional uses to beautiful home decor ideas, you’re sure to find at least one project that you’ll love.

DIY Cupcake Holder
It’s happened to all of us: We spend the time making cupcakes for someone’s birthday or a special occasion only to have our energies wasted when they get smashed or ruined during the transporting process. This useful DIY is sure to keep your cupcake safe upon delivery!

DIY Mason Jar Monogram
This monogram light is made of mason jars! How cool is that?

DIY Pencil Cup
A repurposed jar is the perfect vessel for your office supplies (and small plants and succulents!). Spruce yours up with gold paint.

DIY Rose Petal Bath Soak
Treat yourself (or a friend) to a jar of rose petal bath soak–perfect for relaxing after a long day at work.

DIY Etched Glass Candy Jar
For an easy gift idea, make a custom candy jar. An easy way to decorate the jar, and further personalize the gift, is to add an etched monogram design to the front.

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How To Make Your Own Party Bag

“As much as we love parties, we cannot deny the fact that there are really expenses associated with it. This is the reason why we, parents must be creative and think of ways to lessen our expenses without sacrificing the fun in organizing it.

So, here’s the making of my own party bags.

What you need:
1) Construction paper (weight preferably 160g/qm or so). You won’t want your bags to end up as stiff as cardboard or as flimsy as cling wrap.
2) Long ruler
3) Scissors
4) Glue tape/ Double sided tape
5) Ribbon
6) Skewer (Or anything that is cylindrical, trim and sharp at one end)

Firstly, you need to determine the size of the bag since it can vary greatly. For me, I had to insert a 8″ by 5″ colouring book so I would need a bag that is tall but slim. So, I used two pieces of A4 paper joined together at the longer sides. To stick them together, simply roll the glue tape along the length of one paper and place the other over. Then, push down firmly on the glue tape from left to right, make sure the paper does not crease and that the two pieces of papers are in line.

You could also use A3 paper, or bigger, if you do not wish to go through the hassle of sticking the smaller pieces together.

Next, join the papers at the other end. To do this, simply fold the paper into half but leave a small gap of approximately 1cm at one end. Apply glue tape on this 1cm length and fold it inwards. The bag should now be closed at both sides.

Fold both sides in and press down firmly, using a ruler to slide across as shown. How much to fold in depends on how wide you want your bags to be. For mine, I folded in 1″, which was roughly the width of the ruler, thus making it easy for me to …

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