What to Expect From a House Cleaning Service

“If you have recently made the decision to hire a residential cleaning service or you are simply looking into the idea, you might be wondering what exactly to expect out of the company and the service. Employees should be licensed, bonded and insured. They should be fully vetted, their backgrounds as squeaky clean as the service they provide.”

housekeeping company employee cleanign a shower


Dear Angie: What is reasonable to expect from a housecleaning service? — Richard H., San Antonio.

Dear Richard: I’ve heard homeowners say that their favorite day is when the cleaner comes. It’s wonderful to walk into a clean house that smells good and looks great, especially when it’s yours!

As you take the time to find the right person or company to entrust your home to, here are factors to consider:

Cleaning services offered

Regular cleaning doesn’t cover every service. This is what’s generally considered routine…

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