Deciding Which Lawn Aerator Is Right for You

There are several benefits to using a lawn aerator. Aerating a lawn makes it possible for water and air to flow around grass roots, which will help to fend off fungi whilst promoting the development of more beneficial organisms. All this results in a healthier, greener lawn. Nevertheless, with numerous of these things out on the market it could be a bit of a nightmare whenever deciding the one that to get and you might not be sure precisely what sort of aerator is perfect for your lawn. What this post strives to do is shed a little light on the different choices available to you when you’re considering purchasing a lawn aerator.

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There are so many different types of lawn aerators available these days; select one that is suitable for your grass and soil type. Aeration footwear is a fantastic choice for small spaces in front of your property while a rotary spike aerator will be required if your lawn is mid-sized. However if you have an massive lawn or require aerating large spaces like parks and sports fields, then a core aerator is necessary to do the job. Even though the first two are not hugely expensive, the latter is fairly heavy on the pocket. The decision for aerators greatly depends upon your requirements and the size of your lawn.

To solve soil compaction, rolling lawn aerator is among the certain equipment which you can use. Exactly what it does is loosen the soil to allow for movement allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots aiding the healthy growth of grass. Large lawns or grass areas are better serviced using a manual aerator or a rolling aerator.

Another type of aerator is the hollow tine aerator that can take out a little piece of the ground instead of punching a tiny hole. Many individuals choose this kind of aerator believing it provides better space for the roots to be nourished and grow. Regardless of which type of aerator used, the holes are visible for only a short while and the lawn aerator creates a lush and beautiful grass to savor.

The last method of aeration is liquid aeration. This method is the least known, nevertheless regarded as by some as the best method. Liquid aeration is completed by spraying a liquid solution over the ground, then watering it in. The advantages of using this process over core aeration are many. There’s less mess, no cores in the awn. Another advantage is the liquid can be utilized everywhere, whereas the coring is limited around sprinkler systems, tree roots, etc.