The Health Benefits of Juicing

One of the biggest advantages of juicing is helping in fat reduction. A lot of people come to be too fat simply by eating fast foods and little of whatever fresh. Making use of raw fresh organic ingredients with your juicing will benefit your system by feeding it with vitamins and minerals along with your diet plan by filling you up so you don’t overindulge on food.”


With new juice bars popping up around the country, and many people stocking their kitchens with a home juicer, there’s no doubt juicing is the latest health craze. Fresh-squeezed and freshly bottled juices have become a popular way to get the health benefits of fruits and vegetables and are also favored by dieters looking to “cleanse” their way to weight loss. But do juicing’s health claims hold up?

The Health Claims
Proponents of juicing claim that juicing is a good way to get a bounty of fruits and vegetables and that it’s easier to absorb nutrients from juice than whole foods. That’s only partly true. While you can, literally, squeeze out many of the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables by juicing them (and thereby get a lot of those nutrients), you also lose the fiber — a component of fruits and vegetables (and other whole plant foods) that adds to satiety and helps improve heart and digestive health…


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